Top 15 Cloth Books for Babies

Cloth Books for Babies, Top 15 Cloth Books for Babies

Out of all of the books we buy for our young one, cloth books for babies may be the first and most important. These soft books give our baby a first glimpse of different pictures and colors on a flat object they can hold, while being soft to touch and virtually unbreakable. Whether your book has a baby teether, crinkly sounds or fuzzy material, these books provide a first hand experience of the world of books.

As your baby grows, they will get more comfortable with touching and looking at books, and will gradually move away from these cloth books for babies onto more traditional looking books. However before this time, its a good idea to get a few cloth books for your baby to experience the different textures and styles from various creators. 

These soft books will also serve as a toy for your baby, and is a good thing to have around the house or out and about to teach your kids the basics of colors, animals, and different pictures.

Why buy Cloth Books for Babies?

Its never too early to introduce books to babies. You may be surprise how early these young ones can enjoy soft books, with some babies as early as three to four months looking at the pictures.

After a while your baby will start to love touching the books (especially the ones with crinkly material) and flipping through the pages while looking at the pictures. This will be a good stepping stone to reading other books, and will help them learn different types of words, pictures, and vocabulary as you read the book together.

What to look for with cloth baby books

Try to find books with lots of bright colors or contrasting white and block and shapes for younger babies (checkout our Number 11 for this), with a variety of interesting materials for them to touch and experience. It could be a fuzzy material like rabbit fur, crinkly material, built in teethers or squeaky sounds that make touching and reading the cloth book for babies fun. These soft books are best for babies under one year as its more comfortable and easier for them to handle.

How much are they?

Cloth books usually run a bit more expensive than paper books, as they have unique material and are washable, and go a long way towards the development of your child. The average cost runs around $12-20, so look to buy cloth books within this range.

Here is our list of the top 15 cloth books for babies:

NumberBaby Cloth Book NamePrice
1Teytoy my First Soft book$17.99
2Classic Discovery Soft Book by Lamaze$13.64
3Peek-a-Boo Forest by Lamaze$17.99
4Bright Starts Teethe & Read Toy$9.99
5Very Hungry Caterpillar Soft book by Eric Carle$5.99
6Vtech Peek & Play Baby Book$17.99
7Jungly Tails by Jelly Cat$20
8Soft Baby Activity Book by Skip Hop$10
9ToBe ReadyForLife Premium Soft Baby Book$16.21
10HanShe Baby Soft Book Cloth Book$17
11beiens Soft Baby Books, High Contrast Black and White Books$12.99
12Peek-a-boo Activity Book by Sassy$6.78
13Earlyears Farm Friends – Crinkle Book Baby Toy$13.26
14Guess How Much I Love You Soft Book for Babies$14.99
15Peter Rabbit Soft Teether Book by Beatrix Potter$18
  1. Teytoy my First Soft book

The Teytoy My First Soft Books are a pack of 6 different cloth books for babies that cover a wide variety of subjects to spark interest in your little one. These books are soft to touch and also have crinkly material, so its nice for kids to play. These books are simple in their design and images, so its easier for young babies to see the images.

Cloth Books for Babies, Top 15 Cloth Books for Babies

Price: $17.99 on Amazon

As there books come in packs of 6, its a good way to show different subjects to your baby, and also to see what type of things could interest them. They also make a good gift for other in case your babies for soon-to-be mothers.

2. Classic Discovery Soft Book by Lamaze

The Classic Discovery Soft Book by Lamaze is a wonderful little cloth book for babies which comes which comes in simple, bright colors that have a nice contrast for visual development of a young child. As babies eyes take time to develop and identify images well, these simple pictures are easier for them to see the object and enjoy looking at the book. It also has a variety of different textures (crinkly, squeaky, teether) which is great for babies.

Cloth Books for Babies, Top 15 Cloth Books for Babies

Price: $13.64 on Amazon

If you like this soft book and its different features, check out the other products that Lamaze has to offer. If you don’t already know about them, Lamaze is a big kids toy maker and has tons of great products to enjoy.

3. Peek-a-Boo Forest by Lamaze

Another great baby cloth book by Lamaze is the Peek-a-Boo forest book. Apart from the big owl on the cover, this book has soft flaps that come out in a question/answer style book with it’s peek-a-boo features. It has some colorful images and cute pictures inside.

Cloth Books for Babies, Top 15 Cloth Books for Babies

Price: $17.99 on Amazon

One of its drawbacks though is its only 6 pages, so its definitely geared towards younger babies as an introductory book. This would be a great addition to other soft books for your baby.

4. Bright Starts Teethe & Read Toy

The Bright Starts Teeth & Read Toy is a great cloth book for babies starting off on their journey to reading books, and for those who are active with their mouth. This book has many chewable sides which are great for teething, and very cute big pictures who babies just starting off.

Cloth Books for Babies, Top 15 Cloth Books for Babies

Price: $9.99 on Amazon

This would be a very good first book for babies as its simple and has things to chew on. Plus at around $10 per book, this is a great price for having a book for your baby to enjoy.

5. Very Hungry Caterpillar Soft book by Eric Carle

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Soft book, based on the classic book by Eric Carle, is like the title says a soft book of the Very Hungry Caterpillar story. This would be a good introduction to kids who would enjoy this classic story of an adventours caterpillar.

Cloth Books for Babies, Top 15 Cloth Books for Babies

Price: $5.99 on Amazon

This book also has many pages with numbers and fruit, so its also a good book to introduce basic counting to your children.

Cloth Books for Babies, Top 15 Cloth Books for Babies

6. Vtech Peek & Play Baby Book

The Vtech Peek & Play Baby Book is a special soft baby book in that it can play sounds for babies, and has many interactive pages to stimulate the babies touching and visual senses. This type of all in one book is great for letting your baby experience many different types of senses in a book format.

Cloth Books for Babies, Top 15 Cloth Books for Babies

Price: $17.99 on Amazon

You can checkout the intro video to know more about this book.

7. Jungly Tails by Jelly Cat

The Jungly Tails book by Jelly Cat is a fun book which showcases many different types of animals and their tails. This fun book let’s children see all kinds of animals and what their tails look like and feel like. Plus having a long tail sticking out of a book will always get a child interested to grab at it!

Cloth Books for Babies, Top 15 Cloth Books for Babies

Price: $20 on Amazon

This book can also be fun for matching their tails when on different pages. If you enjoy this book there are also other spin-offs of this book, like Farm Tails, Dinosaur tails, and others.

8. Soft Baby Activity Book by Skip Hop

The Soft Baby Activity Book by Skip Hop is a fun interactive baby cloth book with many different types of fun features for your baby to play with, like crinkle sounds, counting numbers, mirrors, and a hanging teether.

Cloth Books for Babies, Top 15 Cloth Books for Babies

Price: $10 on Amazon

I think one of the more fun things about this book are the cute illustrations and hanging carrot teether, which can be put into different places on the page. This unique feature to this baby cloth book teaches babies the skill of putting objects into different places, and can lead to this development later on.

9. ToBe ReadyForLife Premium Soft Baby Book

The ToBe ReadyForLife Premium Soft Baby Book is a cute baby book with that features soft material for your baby touch while reading this book. It has big animals on each page to look at with a good contrast of colors for younger babies.

Cloth Books for Babies, Top 15 Cloth Books for Babies

Price: $16.21 on Amazon

Of course the thing that makes this book stand out is the soft fluffy dog on the cover, which your baby can touch and play with its ears before opening the book to enjoy the other pages.

10. HanShe Baby Soft Book Cloth Book

Coming in 10th is the HanShe Baby Soft Book Cloth Book, which is a set of 4 crinkle books for young readers. These books features a nice combination of fun crinkly material and animal pictures on each page. They also have tabs on the side of the books for babies to touch and play with.

Cloth Books for Babies, Top 15 Cloth Books for Babies

As these books come in a set of 4, it would be a good gift for others, or idea on introducing your baby to many different pictures and animals.

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