Top 10 Baby Books with Sounds and Noisy Books

baby books with sounds, Top 10 Baby Books with Sounds and Noisy Books

Factors to consider when choosing a Children’s sound book (books with sound buttons)

Baby books with sounds is a fun way to introduce your child to books. Not only is it a time in their life where their eyes are still developing for the things around them, they are very interested in sounds. 

There are many factors to consider when choosing a baby sound book, most importantly their age and what type of skills you want them to learn. Educating your child with books is the most important goal. They will become more comfortable with reading books, which will help them later on when they start to read and write.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a baby book with sounds:

Is the Book Right for your Baby?

There’s a good reason why sound books with fun nursery rhymes and animal sounds are popular and top the ratings on Amazon. They can attract the baby’s attention with interesting sounds and color images on the paper. Once you introduce these books to your baby, watch their reaction and how they interact with the book.

Even though the books may be interesting to them at first, if the songs are too complicated or even too repetitive, the child may be either overwhelmed or bored too soon. You should get a sound book with just the right criteria; simple enough for them to understand but with enough variety for them to play for a long time. A general rule would be simple animal sounds and nursery rhymes for younger children, and more complex songs and buttons embedded within the book for older kids.

Do the sound books offer a variety of topics?

Children will normally choose what their favorite book is. This often is the case even with sound books for babies as well. They will naturally choose a book which has a particular interesting sound or picture which they enjoy.

Despite this, be sure to offer your child with a variety of sound books that cover different topics. Nursery rhymes, children songs, animal sounds, farm animal sounds, dinosaur sounds, disney songs, everyday sounds, and others all play an important role for exposing your child to the world around them. Most likely one type of sound book doesn’t cover all of these (at least not that I know of), so you will need to get a variety of books to spur their interest.

Is it interesting enough for your baby?

When choosing a sound book you need to find the right combination of pictures and sounds to attract your baby, as each kid has their own preference. Even if the sound book may be suitable for your child’s age group, they may have their own preferences.

Maybe they prefer big pictures, small pictures, brightly colored objects or big buttons for sounds. Maybe rhyming songs is more interesting or animal sounds are more fun. You may want to sort out what types of things interest them before you choose the right sound book.

For my child I found that he likes to dance a bit, so we chose a sound book with lots of fun songs that have a longer play time, so he can dance a long while playing with other toys. Also it have very bright colors with lots of contrast, so its interesting for him to flip through the book and look at the pictures. But we’ve also had other similar books which don’t interest him at all. So its all about the personality of your baby and how interested they may be.

NumberBaby Sound Book NamePrice $
1My First Touch and Feel Sound book Noisy books$5.75
2Usborne’s baby’s very first noisy book series$19.95
3Eric Carle Sound books$12.94
4Discovery Sound books$10
5Early Bird Sound books$14.60
6Charlie Pop Sound books (France)$16
7Pink Fong Sound books$18
8Disney Play-A-Sound books$10.92
9Peppa Pig Noisy Books$25.39
10Simple First Words books$14.95

1. My First Touch and Feel Sound books

The My First Touch and Feel Sound Books are a great way to introduce your child to sounds and reading. These books feature many different types of animals and in-text buttons which allow your kids to practice their hand-eye coordination to find the button and associate it with the animal.

baby books with sounds, Top 10 Baby Books with Sounds and Noisy Books

The baby sound books have a variety of sounds to choose from, from animals to different types of transportation. These sound books are highly recommended to kids who are just starting off with books.

Find for $5.75 on Amazon

2. Usborne’s baby’s very first noisy book series

Usborne’s baby’s very first noisy books are a series of books that introduce babies to the sound in a easy-to-read book with simple words and colorful pictures.

baby books with sounds, Top 10 Baby Books with Sounds and Noisy Books

As the books are geared towards babies, the books are quite simple and have 5 buttons on the side for the babies to choose from. It is a great started book for getting your child interested in reading and books!

Find for $19.95 on Amazon

3. Eric Carle Sound books

As a contract to the Usborne books, the Eric Carle Sound books offer a large variety (30 sounds!) for children to listen to while flipping through the pages. As there are a lot of sounds to press, these books are normally geared towards a little older children who can identify the small buttons with the pictures in the pages.

baby books with sounds, Top 10 Baby Books with Sounds and Noisy Books

As these sounds books offer many different sounds for the child to experience, it can be beneficial for some kids as an all-in-one type of sound book. But for others the amount of different sounds can be overwhelming, so be sure to consider this before buying the Eric Carle sound books.

Find for $12.94 on Amazon

4. Discovery Sound books

The Discover sound books are another fun type of children’s books with sounds that focus on amazing animals from the Discovery line, such as Dinosaurs and sea animals.

baby books with sounds, Top 10 Baby Books with Sounds and Noisy Books

The advantage of these books is they have more real-life pictures of the animals and more amazing illustrations which will get any child to fall in love with the animals on this planet. This line of sounds is great for children interested in animals!

Find $10 on Amazon

5. Early Bird Sound books

The Early Bird Sound books is another great line of sound books for children that have the buttons on the side with icons that appear in-text for the readers. As the books contain sentences with the icons, its usually recommended for older kids who have a better sense of reading.

baby books with sounds, Top 10 Baby Books with Sounds and Noisy Books

The ABC & 123 and Bedtime Song books are the standouts of these book series, so be sure to check them out if you are considering to get these books.

Find for $14.60 on Amazon

6. Charlie Pop Sound books (French/Spanish)

The Carlie Pop sounds books (French/Spanish) are a lesser known sound books for English readers (obviously), but I came across them from here in Asia, as one of their lines was translated to Chinese (published in Taiwan).

My child really likes these books and loves to flip through the pages and touch the buttons inside. I think its an interesting type of sound books which is different from the other common types available, so I put it on this list for people to be introduced to it.

baby books with sounds, Top 10 Baby Books with Sounds and Noisy Books

As an added plus, if you want to introduce your child to a bit of French/Spanish early on, then this is a good opportunity to!

Find for $16 on Amazon

7. Pink Fong Sound books

Riding on the fame of the Baby Shark song, Pink Fong has made an impressive line of children’s products, including a series of baby books with sounds. Their most famous sound books includes the Baby Shark song and other catchy tunes all in one book.

baby books with sounds, Top 10 Baby Books with Sounds and Noisy Books

They have other sounds books as well that’s worth a read for children.

These books are fun for all ages and will definitely get both you and your child singing their tunes all day long.

Find for $18 on Amazon

8. Disney Play-A-Sound books

The Disney Play and Disney Baby Play-A-Song books are fun sound books for children interested in Disney. The Disney Baby books are more simple and have basic sentences, whereas the Disney play have full sentences with icons for the buttons for your kids to listen to.

baby books with sounds, Top 10 Baby Books with Sounds and Noisy Books

This is a good addition to any children who love Disney and are looking for a way to read the stories and experience them with books.

Find for $10.92 on Amazon

9. Peppa Pig Super Noisy Books

The Peppa Pig Super Noisy sound book is another fun sound book for kids interested in the character Peppa Pig. This is mostly a stand-alone sound book, and has full sentences with icons for the sounds, so is for older children who have a better handle on reading.

baby books with sounds, Top 10 Baby Books with Sounds and Noisy Books

For kids who love Peppa Pig, this could be a good addition to your collection, and a good compromise between reading normal books and watching the Peppa Pig videos.

Find for $25.39 on Amazon

10. Simple First Words books

The Simple First Words books is a series of simple sound books for young children with button on the sides and simple text. These books are great for introducing your young reader to books and basic sounds for them to experience.

baby books with sounds, Top 10 Baby Books with Sounds and Noisy Books

The Simple First words is a good introductory baby books with sounds and can be the first step to get your child to touch, feel and press the buttons in a book.

Find for $14.95 on Amazon

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