13 Must Have Picture Books for Kids!

picture books for kids, 13 Must Have Picture Books for Kids!

What kind of books would you recommend for kids? Are there any picture books that you love reading to your children?

Picture books are great for teaching kids about life skills such as problem solving, perseverance, and creativity. They also provide a safe space where kids can explore their imagination and learn from other cultures. These books will help your little pre schoolers for reading.

Importance of Picture Books for Kids in Cognitive Development

Theres many advantages of picture books to urge teachers and parents to instil effective reading habits:

  • Improve Basic Language Skills: Children learn words fast because picture books are simple to understand and enjoyable to read aloud again and again. When compared to non-repeats, reading the same book repeatedly boosts vocabulary by 12%.
  • Encourage Visual Thinking: A picture book’s illustrations assist kids understand what they’re reading, helping new readers to examine the content. Children who are struggling with the words might use the images to help them understand the story.
  • Boosting Participation: Young readers gain confidence from picture books, which also enable them to discuss what they read, what happened in the story, and how events have developed.
  • A fun experience: When reading picture books, especially for young children who are just starting to read, the experience should always be enjoyable.

List of 13 Kids Picture books

Here are some of our favourite picture books for kids:

NoPicture Books for KidsPrice
1Rudie Nudie$9.43
2The Very Cranky Bear$11.62
3Where is The Green Sheep?$5.45
4Edwina the Emu$7.99
5Harry the Dirty Dog$5.49
6Freddy the Frog$7.55
7Five More Minutes$15.39
8Beyond the Burrow$17.82
9Bark, George$8.42
10Bear Snores On (The Bear Books)$7.99
11The Carrot Seed$5.99
12I Am a Bunny (A Golden Sturdy Book)$7.40
13Princess in Training$7.99

1) Rudie Nudie

picture books for kids, 13 Must Have Picture Books for Kids!

By Emma Quay

Price: $9.43 on Amazon

This story is about a sister and brother taking a bath together. Their mother dries them with a towel. They take a little while to prance and hop and enjoy how their textured surroundings feel against their skin rather than getting dressed right away.

Their parents dress them in pyjamas and snuggle them into bed as the story comes to a close. This fun story is fun from beginning to end.

2) The Very Cranky Bear:

picture books for kids, 13 Must Have Picture Books for Kids!

By Nick Bland

Price: $11.62 on Amazon

The Very Cranky Bear is a funny, rhyming fable that emphasises the need of paying close attention to your companions’ needs.

Four buddies from the jingle-jangle jungle—a moose, lion, zebra, and sheep—go into a cave to get out of the rain and cold, but they have no idea that a bear is sound asleep inside.

When they accidently wake him awake, the grumpy bear chases the animals out of the cave. To get the bear to let them back inside the dry, warm cave, the four companions must come up with a strategy to make him smile.

Although Zebra, Moose, and Lion believe they have the perfect strategy, the bear ends up becoming even angrier as a result!

The book addresses unpleasant feelings in an age-appropriate manner, giving kids the chance to talk about what makes them grumpy. The intelligent sheep is ultimately the one who finds the ideal answer.

3) Where Is The Green Sheep?

picture books for kids, 13 Must Have Picture Books for Kids!

By Mem Fox and Judy Horacek

Price: $5.45 on Amazon

Children of all ages, from small babies to early readers, will enjoy this wonderful tale.

Little readers and their skill development will benefit from the plot’s easy-to-follow structure and abundant repetition. Reading aloud to one another is encouraged because it is simple to guess what the pictures will be.

The story also introduces educational ideas like depth perception with nearby and distant lambs.

4) Edwina the Emu

picture books for kids, 13 Must Have Picture Books for Kids!

By Sheena Knowles, Rod Clement

Price: $7.99 on Amazon

This enjoyable picture book is a great choice for reading aloud because it continues the story of Edward the Emu.

To help her family out, Edwina Emu works a number of jobs, such as ballet dancer and chimney sweep.

This is a fantastic choice for sharing in the classroom or at home thanks to Sheena Knowles’ rhythmic, rhyming text and Rod Clement’s funny artwork.

5) Harry the Dirty Dog

picture books for kids, 13 Must Have Picture Books for Kids!

By Gene Zion

Price: $5.49 on Amazon

Featuring a charming lead character and a humorous scenario, Harry the Dirty Dog is a classic tale.

Because of the great verbal and visual create of Harry becoming dirtier and dirtier until he’s at his dirtiest, I like using this story to teach comparatives and superlatives.

It contains a genuine narrative structure with a traditional introduction (“one day”), character descriptions, many place changes, a defined problem, solutions to the problem, and a joyful ending, this book is a great option for kids honing their narrative retell skills.

6) Freddy the Frog

picture books for kids, 13 Must Have Picture Books for Kids!

By Axel Scheffler

Price: $7.55 on Amazon

Freddy is a little, chubby, goggle-eyed frog. He enjoys running about and quashing in the mud, but his favourite pastime is croaking entire night.

Children will enjoy participating in the rhymed text and completing the straightforward, solid multiple crossword puzzles in this lovely book, which Axel Scheffler has exquisitely illustrated.

This is the ideal present for very young children because it has a casebound cover and a fun activity on the last spread.

7) Five More Minutes

picture books for kids, 13 Must Have Picture Books for Kids!

By Marta Altés

Price: $15.39 on Amazon

A young fox is about to teach you all about the absurdity of life. When it comes to time, Little Fox is far more knowledgeable than Dad. For instance, Little Fox is adept at timing when to awaken Dad and how much she can accomplish in a short period of time.

Dad is unaware that “Dad time” isn’t meant to be quiet and pleasant. But there is one historical period that Dad is far more knowledgeable about.

8) Beyond the Burrow

picture books for kids, 13 Must Have Picture Books for Kids!


Price: $17.82 on Amazon

Join Rabbit on a thrilling adventure in this picture book.

Jessica Meserve offers a fantastic story of an unexpected adventure that highlights the fun of exploring new things. The electronic and blended illustrations are beautiful, with a majority of warm, calming colours and settings bathed in soft light.

The spreads that show Rabbit with her new friends are more colourful, highlighting the thrill of novelty. Some spreads condense action, add drama, and convey movement by using panels of nonstop narrative art.

9) Bark, George

picture books for kids, 13 Must Have Picture Books for Kids!


Price: $8.42 on Amazon

This book introduces children to Jules Feiffer’s unique style of art and fun.

Despite not being able to bark, George the puppy can imitate the noises of many different animals. All the other critters hidden inside George are gradually removed by a kind vet.

10) Bear Snores On (The Bear Books)

picture books for kids, 13 Must Have Picture Books for Kids!

By Karma Wilson

Price: $7.99 on Amazon

Young children can enjoy learning about friendship and animal customs while reading Bear Snores On, a charming and poetic story. The tale provides just enough basic knowledge of the forest creatures to elicit inquiries and discussions about them.

The brief, poetic stanzas on each page, along with the lovely, lifelike images, let this board book, although having thirty pages, pass quickly.

11) The Carrot Seed

picture books for kids, 13 Must Have Picture Books for Kids!

By Ruth Krauss

Price: $5.99 on Amazon

The Carrot Seed highlights the tension between individualism and deference to authority figures and also investigates the idea of knowledge.

A little boy makes the decision to sow a carrot seed. The child continues watering his plant and cleaning out weeds every day despite his parents and sibling warning him not to since it won’t grow. Finally, the carrot appears.

12) I Am a Bunny (A Golden Sturdy Book)

picture books for kids, 13 Must Have Picture Books for Kids!

By Ole Risom

Price: $7.40 on Amazon

Nicholas, a bunny wearing red overalls who lives in a hollow tree, is the subject of this beloved Golden Book.

He gathers flowers in the spring and observes the frogs in the pond in the summer. And in the autumn, he observes the creatures preparing for the winter before curling up in his hollow tree to dream of spring.

13) Princess in Training

picture books for kids, 13 Must Have Picture Books for Kids!

By Tammi Sauer

Price: $7.99 on Amazon

Princess Viola is excellent at karate-chopping and skateboarding, but she’s terrible at the royal wave, walk, and waltz. The king and queen are not happy.

So what should a princess do? Attend the Camp Princess for skill-building, of course. In the end, it’s fortunate that Viola is constructed of more durable material. Who else is going to save the day if a hungry dragon appears?

For spirited princess-loving girls who can appreciate a sparkly book jacket, this beautiful, hilarious picture book is ideal!

Find Interesting Picture Books for Your Kids?

I hope that you and your children enjoy these books as much as we do. These stories are sure to captivate and entertain young minds.

And given their popularity, they’re likely to be a hit with your children as well. Checkout our other toddler books for your young one.

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