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Hi there, and welcome to Babykidsbooks! Here we dedicate our website to providing information on different baby books and kids books to parents, and which books they should buy for their children.

We hope our list of different children’s books can help you decide which book is right for your child, and give good references on where to buy them.

What is BabyKidsbooks?

We decided to make Babykidsbooks to help parents find better information on different types of books for their babies & kids and where to buy them. After looking across the internet for where to buy children’s books, and being relatively new parents ourselves (1 year old baby), we found it hard to find one good source of information for lists of children’s books to buy for our baby.

The websites we found either were vendors selling different baby and kids books, a one-off list of information, or Amazon, which can be a bit of an information overload when just starting off.

The match results on Amazon are often just the most popular classic books or sponsored books, but not always the best ones. Plus the number of different filters they have can be a bit overwhelming for first time parents.

, About us
, About us

About us at BabyKidsbooks

We love to introduce our little one to different types of baby books (and eventually kids books), and plan to keep adding to our library to introduce him to a wide range of topics on paper.

We got some books that have a “touch and feel” and other sound and sensory stimulating textures for him to play with. We also have some baby cloth books and other books for very young children, but those are properly worn down by now.

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He really enjoyed the books that you can rip off (with velcro), and us living in Asia, we decided to get him some of these with a popular character from Taiwan.

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And of course we got some of the classics board books for him to look and and eventually read the words when he gets a little older.

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Hopefully we can keep adding to his book collection as he grows and also keep providing good informational lists of children’s books to different parents to make it easier for them to get the right one that interests their children as well.

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